Our Mission

Provide Happiness, Hope and Pride to Children in Hospitals.

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Our Concept

We are financing DIY Solar jar kits through sales and donations that we give to kids in Hospital.


Kids can build their Solar Jar on their bed or at the hospital playroom. By building and decorating Share My Sun Jars, we hope to provide happiness, hope and feeling of accomplishment to these kids.


Their Jars will stay with them, be recharged during the day and provide

light during dark times, remembering that people think of them.

We believe all Children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

How we Started ?

We have had a lot of Sunlight in our lives and wanted to share it with kids who miss it. Specially with Kids who live in hospital and can’t see the sunlight.


This is how we started: Share My Sun with

our three daughters. Our goal is simple: provide happiness, hope and Pride to Children with chronic and life threatening disease.

We found that Solar Jars illustrate well our objectives.


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