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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Share My Sun participated to French Fair for the second time

Bar, Solar Jar sales and Children Workshop

Public Fair allow us to raise awareness, engage the community and finance our projects

In May, we participated to the French Fair with many activities:

  • Workshop for Kids: Opportunity for kids to build their own Solar Jar and have the same experience than the Children we support. Emma, Mahaut, Ines, Antoine and Elise were in charge !

  • Buy Solar Jar: Since the begining creativity has been at the center of Share My Sun. Maryse and Melanie were responsible to think and create the below beautiful Solar Jars. Anne and Melanie held the stand.

  • Get a Drink: For the first time, we received an authorization for the local authorities to resell drinks. With Arnaud, Delphine, Vincent and Stan poured wine, beer, champagne and soda to shoppers.

During the event we were able to raise awareness, engage the local community and help finance our project.

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